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Automated Technological Systems

for remote Tracking, Monitoring & Management

Starcom Overview

We provide complete solutions, including both Software and Hardware solutions for real-time GPS and satellite tracking and monitoring. Among our solutions are fleet management and vehicle security applications, personal tracking, naval and air cargo, merchandise tracking, containers tracking and management. Our mobile and online applications provide a holistic solution, where all units are tracked in one place.

Starcom Systems’ products are practical, easy- to- use, wireless solutions, consisting of unique software and an innovative hardware. Starcom’s GPS tracking systems allow the end users a real-time online tracking of their assets (mobile or fixed) anywhere, anytime. As a global company, Starcom Systems’ products meet world-leading standards and carry multiple certifications including E 24 certification, Safety certification, EMC test certification, Tuv-Rheinland certification and more.

Starcom’s commitment to uncompromising quality and professionalism, and its continuous investment in R&D, position Starcom Systems and its vehicle tracking systems as a technological leader. Thanks to that, Starcom Systems delivers prompt, precise GPS tracking systems in every region and in any platform requested. Th


Helios is our advanced AVL device, covering every aspect of vehicle tracking for any need. For over 15 years, Helios is the choice of fleet managers, security companies, car dealerships and both commercial and government organizations around the world. Helios is not just another GPS car tracking system – it is an advanced management system – built to last longer – with better components and superior technology. When combined with our mobile and online management applications – it offers advanced fleet management and security options like no other system.


Tetis, Tetis R and Tetis Hybrid provide the perfect solution for the tracking, monitoring and management of your cargo. Tetis monitors every aspect of the shipping process from the moment the container is sealed until it safely arrives in its destination. This includes both the quality and the security of the cargo.Quality assurance includes light, humidity, temperature range inside the container.


WatchLock is a smart reporting lock, providing you both security and peace of mind. This award-winning padlock combines advanced GPS and cellular technology with high security locking to create a solution that protects and communicates with you – no matter where you or your assets are. It is an ideal solution to seal containers, trailers and other portable units. WatchLock can also be used to secure gates, warehouses and restricted areas. Any irregular event will immediately trigger an emergency alert, allowing you to prevent breach and damage to your cargo or station.


Kylos is our stand-alone GPS tracker and management system, perfect for asset management, monitoring and tracking. Kylos devices do not require any installation and provide essential information – including location, velocity, temperature, impact and light exposure. Thanks to their ease of use Kylos units are the perfect solution for tracking of goods, pets and other assets, and can also be used as a personal GPS.