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Cybersecurity solutions and services.

What is Resecurity

Resecurity is a cybersecurity company that delivers
a unified platform for endpoint protection, risk
management, and threat intelligence for large
enterprises and government agencies worldwide.

Unlike other threat intel companies that only provide
data lakes and visualization, without any meaningful
correlation or analysis, Resecurity delivers human-
curated, in-depth analysis, layered on top of the
most comprehensive, exclusive sets of data from the
Deep and Dark Web.

Why What We Do Matters

Today, it’s not enough to know what’s happening IN your network. Organizations must have situational intelligence as to what’s happening outside their environment – who’s targeting them, how are they behaving, and who’s working together to put your company at risk? We deliver Human-curated, in-depth analysis.

The Hunter UniT

The Hunter Unit™ is an elite group composed of
subject matter experts experienced in technology
development and malware research, network
exploitation, network and system defense
strategies and more from backgrounds in law
enforcement, government and military agencies,
and enterprises. The Hunter Unit is the offensive
line against threats, curating all the data intelligence
behind Resecurity’s Context™ platform, validating
that information and delivering it in the most
actionable format to customers.

About THE Products

Resecurity’s Context™, a cyber threat intelligence platform for enterprises and government agencies, delivers cyber threat intelligence harvested from millions of data points combined with data science, allowing for actionable insights.

Risk™ product calculates a daily security score based upon a summary of all risks for a company’s monitored domains, IP, network, vulnerabilities and cloud services. Geo-location capability delivers contextual information identifying low, medium and high-risk areas for managing infrastructure, network resources and other company assets.

Our Customers

At Resecurity we are passionate about protecting
our clients. Working with Resecurity, companies
can easily and efficiently collaborate across
their vulnerability and risk, threat intelligence,
penetration testing and broader security teams to
quickly reduce fraud, minimize the attack surface
of an organization, and shut down ongoing attacks,
saving their companies millions of dollars.