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Wireless Battery Monitoring

CellSPY gives you complete visibility of every battery in your system.

EMSYS Overview

Our solutions are focused on automating activities previously done by a technician and reporting the results back via broadband, wireless, or modem. By using wireless technology there are no cables to run, no hubs to install – installation costs have been reduced to almost nothing. With the development of the Cell SPY Battery Monitoring System, EMSYS Design Inc. has made the successful transition from an engineering company to a product company.

EMSYS Design Inc. founded in 2002 as an engineer design house for low power, low data rate systems. Initial projects included designing sensors embedded in concrete for tensile strength analysis, tracking devices for finding vehicles within a metered area, and tags for tracking assets through their entire lifecycle.

EMSYS Design Inc. engineers follow the basic philosophy of test, test, and test more. Prior to any unit going into production it has been tested under extreme operating conditions far exceeding what would happen in the field. Additionally, load testing is carried out in all of these variable environments to ensure a “bullet proof” units is delivered.


Web Application gives the user complete and clear insight into the UPSs state of health in graphical and/or tabular form. It has intuitive graphical user interface that is available from any web browser. Web Application can also be used as a Bank Load testing tool. The user can start the bank load or a discharge test during which the WBMS increases the data collection rate in order to ‘’catch’’ as much data as possible and after the test preset it in a comprehensive PDF or CSV type downloadable Report.


Gateway is a very compact industrial device which has an Ethernet and 285 connections. There are no moving parts, no fans; there is an SSD drive inside and it is powered by modern OS based on Linux kernel. It communicates wirelessly with monitors via 802.15.4 antenna connector, made for industrial application and it is very secure. There is nothing related to the IP and no one can hack into the network. The Gateway collects and processes all data, creates backups, generates reports – basically runs the whole WBMS. It supports a large number of industry standard protocols like ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU, SNMP and more.


By monitoring individual battery voltage the WBMS can detect overcharged and undercharged batteries. During the charge and trickle charge state. Internal battery temperature is measured on the negative battery post and it represents the temperature inside the battery. Battery Ohmic value shows the ability of the battery to provide the current while keeping the voltage leveled. As battery ages its resistance or Ohmic value rises and if it is monitored, that value can be trended in order to estimate how much time we have until battery replacement.


Wireless Current Transducer is actually two monitors in one. The same monitor measures the charge and discharge current with the same high accuracy no matter if the current is 1A or 400A or even 1000A. It is able to do that because of EMSYS’s proprietary dual-core technology. It uses the Hall Effect based circuitry to provide a superior solution for DC applications with minimal risk of permanent magnetization. The DC backup system can be in charge or discharge state. The Wireless Current Transducer registers the change between these two states, which is basically a change in the current direction, and informs the server which acts accordingly.


Mini Gateway is primarly designed to serve smaller and remote sites as a Wireless to IP and IP to Wireless bridge. Its compact size, variety of power sources, and effortless installation make it a perfect solution for many types of installations. Mini Gateway has a built in High Power and High Sensitivity Wireless Transciever with link budget of almost 130dB making its installation and placement even easier. Mini Gateway is fully compatible with POE – IEEE Alternative B. If POE is not available, Mini Gateway is shipped with POE injectors, which can be connected to any DC power source capable of providing 0.3A or more @ 12-60VDC.


Because our WBMS is focused on the whole battery backup system it also keeps an eye on the conditions around the batteries – inside battery rooms and/or cabinets. Wireless Ambient Monitor measures ambient temperature and ambient humidity. It can detect bad ventilation or faulty air conditioning and in conjunction with Wireless Battery Monitors recognises the first stages of the thermal runaway. The difference between the ambient temperature and the individual CellSPY temperature readings is an excellent parameter for an early thermal runaway detection.


Wireless DC Bus Monitor monitors all important DC Bus parameters. DC Bus voltage is measured during charge and discharge periods to give accurate information about UPS’s behaviour in both states. Although a charger is designed to provide DC voltage, it also generates a small amount of AC Ripple in the signal, which is not very dangerous by itself, but may cause problems in combination with other factors, like starting the chain reaction that can lead to a thermal runaway. Passive charge balancing is a unique feature that the Wireless DC Bus Monitor provides in conjunction with the Wireless Battery Monitor.


The Wireless Repeater (WRPT-100-2.4-HP) extends the range for all wirelessly enabled EMSYS Design products. With built in, external PA and LNA, this device has the link budget over 130dB. In ideal conditions (line-of-site, antenna’s placement) two repeaters can communicate over a range of 5 miles! The Wireless Repeater can be powered from any USB host device or from the included AC power adapter.