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Data Diode Products

Comprehensive, hardware-enforced data diode cybersecurity products for commercial and industrial use, built from the ground up for seamless data availability and unhackable security.

What is Owl Data Diode

An Owl data diode goes way beyond a disabled cable; it is a hardware-based electronic device designed with two separate circuits – one send-only, and one receive-only – which physically constrain the transfer of data to one direction only and form an “air gap” between the source and destination networks. As described below, Owl provides a multi-layered, patented approach to the design of our data diodes.

Data Diode Purpose

Data diodes are used to defend networks from cyber-attacks and transfer information generated within the protected network in a one-way fashion to end-users outside the network. In this way, data can be sent to the cloud, a remote monitoring facility, support engineers, regulatory bodies or any other end-user that needs access, without creating a vulnerability or threat vector into the network. Data diodes separate and create boundaries between trusted and untrusted networks and straddle the demarcation line between them. This separation between networks is more commonly known as network segmentation. This is a basic and vital part of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. It is perhaps simplest to think of data diodes as digital one-way valves for data, allowing data to flow out, without a way back in. Data diodes can be used to protect very small network segments, such as an individual industrial controller, a car, or a database, or they can be used to protect a very large segment, such as an entire nuclear power plant.

Data Diode Products by Form Factor

OPDS - 100

Multi-purpose, Medium Throughput

OPDS - 1000

Multi-purpose, High Throughput


Multi-purpose, Very High Throughput


Raw Ethernet Packets, Very High Trougput

XD Guardian

Multi-purpose, Bidirectional, Filtering

OPDS - 100D

Multi-purpose, Industrial Form Factor


Single Protocol, Lower Througpu


Bidirectional, Secure Command & Control


The Owl Perimeter Defense Solution (OPDS) product line is designed to support the Critical Infrastructure markets. These cybersecurity products are oriented around protecting the data networks and digital assets (SCADA, PLCs, DCS, databases, historians, etc.) located at various critical infrastructure facilities including plants, mines, power plants, banks, substations, credit unions, pump stations, oil rigs, etc.

The concept is to protect the control systems within the facility by creating a secure cyber perimeter around the plant so that plant operations are not interrupted, sabotaged or otherwise impacted by some kind of cyberattack. The concern is not only for threats against single facilities (i.e. a nuclear power plants, refineries) but also a coordinated, simultaneous attack that shuts down multiple power substations, freshwater delivery systems or bank branches for example; leading to significant stress, disorder, and in the minds of the attackers, chaos.