About Us

888 Tech Exchange Ventures

Tech Exchange Ventures Inc. is a privately owned company duly registered at SEC since April 2006. It is a one-stop shop provider of low-cost equipment, materials, and supplies to cost-sensitive utilities and electronics manufacturing companies.

A Cut Above The Rest: Top-Notch Service Provider

A technology service provider that gives you exceptional technology innovations and cybersecurity network solutions:

  • Customizes your requirements and needs
  • Specializes in providing calibration services of various test instruments and telecommunication equipment
  • Pushes through the limits to serve you and give you a rewarding experience

A trading and distribution agent of various utilities and telecommunications equipment including related accessories in addressing the manufacturing demands of every company.

  • Low-cost materials and supplies that do not compromise quality and value and maximizes customer profits
  • Delivers genuine enterprise boon through leading technology equipment, systems, and solutions
  • Competitive technical team that holds solid experience and in-depth expertise


888 Tech Exchange Ventures aims to provide a rewarding experience to its customers by delivering genuine enterprise boon through leading technology equipment, systems and solutions and by adapting to customer’s requirements and needs through low-cost materials and supplies that do not compromise quality and value but maximize customer profits for the purpose of achieving excellent service and exceeding customer satisfaction.


By 2020, 888 Tech Exchange Ventures will become the leading technology solutions and cybersecurity network provider in Asia.

Corporate Focus

  • To become a one-stop shop provider of technology equipment, systems and solutions.

  • To provide value-added monitoring systems, cyber-security and M2M solutions.

  • To become the leading equipment and Solar PV system integrator.

  • To promote products and solutions that help preserve the welfare of our environment.

Organizational Chart