About Us

888 Tech Exchange Ventures History

888 Tech Exchange Ventures is a privately owned company established in 2006 with the aim of empowering businesses with the latest technology available in the market today.

Its humble beginnings are the foundation of its growing success, paired with hard work, passion and determination to be one of the top technology solutions providers in the Philippines.

In its conception, 888 Tech focused on the industrial market, selling UPS systems and batteries and providing calibration services of various test instruments and telecommunication equipment. Yet, the story didn’t end there as the company was constantly looking for something that would set it on a path to greater heights in the business jungle.

As the pressure for clean energy increased over the years due to the so called “Global Warming”, 888 Tech saw the opportunity in the renewable energy sector and decided to take action. This decision would lead the company towards a trajectory into the solar business. Today, 888 Tech is proud to be a Solar PV system integrator with more than 9 years of expertise in solar system installations.

The market continued to evolve and is constantly changing until today and there is one major factor to correlate this change to: Technology. Thus, like every other company, it was imperative for 888 Tech to adapt to this evolution in thenow technology-driven market.

With other businesses and enterprises shifting to solutions geared towards technology, 888 Tech expanded its reach beyond the 7,107+ Philippine islands in the quest to find innovative products not yet available in the Philippine market with the aim of setting the company apart from other system integrators. This effort would lead 888 Tech to venture into partnership with companies like Owl Cyber Defense, Emsys Design and Spreedbox. Today, our company is a reseller and distributor of products and services of several companies situated in Asia, U.S.A., Europe and Australia.

Currently, 888 Tech offers cybersecurity solutions, wireless battery monitoring systems, solar PV systems and numerous industrial products to clients in the power generation and distribution business, government agencies, as well as manufacturing companies and corporate offices.


888 Tech Exchange Ventures aims to provide a rewarding experience to its customers by delivering genuine enterprise boon through leading technology equipment, systems and solutions and by adapting to customer’s requirements and needs through low-cost materials and supplies that do not compromise quality and value but maximize customer profits for the purpose of achieving excellent service and exceeding customer satisfaction.


888 Tech Exchange Ventures will become the leading technology solutions and cybersecurity network provider in Asia.

Corporate Focus

  • To become a one-stop shop provider of technology equipment, systems and solutions.

  • To provide value-added monitoring systems, cyber-security and M2M solutions.

  • To become the leading equipment and Solar PV system integrator.

  • To promote products and solutions that help preserve the welfare of our environment.